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Detailed descriptions of the molecular virology research in the Department of Plant Pathology of the College of Agriculture at the University of Arizona are also available. Replicase and replication of red clover necrotic mosaic Virus Genome organization and gene expression of saguaro cactus Virus Resistance and resistance-breaking of potato virus Y Cotton geminiviruses Plant Pathology and Plant Virus Archive at Rothamsted Experimental Station.

Deposits and distribution are done worldwide as well as Korea; with diagnostic primers and other services. A mirror site is also available.

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University of Cape Town- Plant Virology Site : Ed Rybicki maintains a mirrored potyvirus sequence database and a geminivirus sequence as well as other databases. The USDA permit the field testing of genetically engineered plants and microorganisms. A lot of these field tests are with plants engineered with viral genes which confer virus resistance.

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Covering entomology, nematology, weed science, biological control and plant pathology, with a unique combination of scientific expertise, authoritative information resources, pest management projects, training and biosystematics. National Research Support Project 5 NRSP-5 - this research and service project in tree fruit virology develops and distributes deciduous fruit tree clones that are free from detectable graft-transmissible pathogens such as viruses, viroids, and phytoplasma. Elite clones are produced through a combination of heat therapy and micropropagation.

Applied Plant Virology

Agdia has information on plant viruses and Agdia's plant virus tests. Features instructions and a FAQ for Agdia's new QTA-Tospo test kit for tomato spotted wilt virus and impatiens necrotic spot virus, along with a searchable product catalog. Updated at least weekly. The mission of IACR is to be a leading provider of high quality scientific research relevant to plant-based agriculture with the objective of achieving improvements in rural and agricultural economies that are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

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Geminivirus The GeminiNet. A Geminiviridae and Potyviridae site by Dr. Om boka Applied Plant Virology For the past twenty years I have worked as an applied plant virologist, attempting to identify and control virus diseases in field crops.

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During the last ten years it has been my privilege to present short courses in plant virology to final-year students studying plant pathology, micro- biology and general botany. Throughout the period I have been lecturing, it has been possible to recommend several excellent 'library' books for further reading in plant virology, but there has been no publication covering applied plant virology that a student might consider purchasing.

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With teaching requirements in mind this book has been written to provide a concise introduction to applied plant virology based on the experiences I have gained working on virus diseases, both in an applied laboratory and in the field. The text concentrates on introducing the reader to aspects of plant virology that would be encountered every day by an applied virologist trying to identify viruses and develop control measures for virus diseases of crop plants.

Although a brief introduction to virus structure and its terminology is given in the opening chapter of the book, no attempt is made to cover in detail the more fundamental aspects of virus structure, biochemistry and replication.

Similarly, the symptoms caused by individual viruses are not described, although the various types of symptoms that plant viruses cause and which might be encountered by a student or research worker are described.