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Many of the documents Assange mentioned in his interview with Pilger are incorporated into other releases. Stratfor presents itself as a publisher of geopolitical analysis but provides confidential intelligence to a variety of multinational corporations, weapons manufacturers, and government agencies such as the Homeland Security Department.

The leaks were a collection of documents related to the surveillance activities of a St. Petersburg company called Peter—Service. The publication is comprised of 34 documents in various versions, bringing the total number of documents published to Each segment is dedicated to a different aspect of what, taken together, amounts to a global system of surveillance. The series was launched in December The first release , on Dec.

The second release , dated Dec. No Court Orders Necessary.

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In the Russian surveillance system, SIAs are subject to few of the restraints customary in other countries. In particular, they are not required to obtain court orders to launch a surveillance operation. In consequence, individuals, companies, and other entities are routinely subject to threat and intimidation. Of equal importance, Russian telecoms companies and ISPs are required by law to install a surveillance system called System for Operative Investigative Activities, or SORM by its transliterated acronym, on their premises and at their own expense.

By then, its technologies played a significant role in the national surveillance system. These interactions were not previously understood. Significantly, the pitch was aimed not at telecoms providers but at FSB and Interior Ministry officials, among others. IT—corporations such as Google and Facebook. Drawing specifically on the NSA Prism program, the presentation offers law enforcement, intelligence, and other interested parties to join an alliance in order to establish equivalent data-mining operations in Russia.

A similar nationwide exercise in Germany discovered only five women who had been trafficked. Not surprisingly, the UK Border Agency is far more effective at identifying cases at the point of entry, where trafficking seems a possibility and requires investigation. Yet even here, the total number remains well under 1, women, nowhere near the 25, claimed by politicians and used to justify the criminalisation of the entire sex industry by the former Labour home secretary Jacqui Smith. In the US, genuinely trafficked women are more likely to be treated as illegal immigrants and criminals than as victims.

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In both countries, the much larger numbers of people trafficked to provide cheap labour are ignored. They are mostly male, as illustrated by the Chinese cockle pickers who drowned in Morecambe Bay in when the tide swept in. Somehow, we have got to a point where victim feminism is so persistent an idea that every pea under their mattress becomes a mountain, whereas no one seems to care so much when men die. Along the way, Magnanti advances some interesting ideas. Myths about sex propagate in the western world because so many older people have very limited direct experience.

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Repressive "moral" policies achieve greater publicity and support at times of economic crisis — as currently illustrated in the US. Pronatalist religious cultures generate the most extreme myths because their focus on procreation as the sole reason for sex leads them to classify recreational sex and gay sex as dangerous perversions. However, the most common problem is what Magnanti entertainingly calls " cargo cult science " as well as advocacy research by interested parties. The book includes plenty of curious facts.

Women earn more than men in the porn industry, in stripping and in sexual services, and they earn far more working in the sex industy than in ordinary jobs. I attribute the refusal [of the entry permits] primarily to the fact that the expedition was overly presented as an SS enterprise. The members of the expedition established official contact with the Kashag ministers and the Reting Regent, and friendly contact with many aristocratic families. The letter, in the official accompanying English translation, reads:.

From The Regent of Tibet. Your Majesty, I trust your Highness is in best of health and in every progress with your goodly affairs. Here I am well and doing my best in our religious and Government affairs. I have the pleasure to let Your Majesty know that Dr. Schaefer and his party, who are the first Germans to visit Tibet have been permitted without any objection, and every necessary assist is rendered on their arrival. Further, I am in desirous to do anything that will help to improve the friendly tie of relationship between the two Nations, and I trust your Majesty will also consider it essential as before.

Please take care of Your good self, and let me know if Your Majesty desire anything. I am sending under separate parcel a Tibetan silver lid and saucer with a red designed tea cup, and a native dog as a small remembrance. Schubert may have thought it advantageous to try to translate this letter in a Nazi style, and may thus have falsified the translation deliberately to flatter Hitler. But his translation is quite simply inaccurate.

The expedition completed its projected work and was from a scholarly point of view highly successful, collecting an amazing amount of scientific material about Tibet that continues to be of great value even today. It ended, however, in a hasty and dispiriting return to Europe: some weeks after the return of its members the Second World War broke out. These, then are the facts—the history—of this expedition, as far they can be reconstructed on the basis of the sources available at present. But what of the distortions of fact and stories concocted on the basis of this history?

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And how was the expedition exploited to support myths of occult connections between Hitler, Nazism and Oriental theocracies? The novel, which describes a powerful secret organization responsible for the rise of National Socialism and Communism, adroitly interweaves fact and fiction. His fluorescent gloves gleamed like glow-worms. His gaze was cruel, penetrating and sly; he had perfect control over his reflexes. He was said by the Initiates to possess the keys to the kingdom of Agarthi … It was in that a small Hindu and Tibetan colony settled in Berlin and Munich.

When the Russians entered Berlin, they found among the corpses a thousand volunteers for death in German uniform without any papers or badges, of Himalayan origin. As soon as the [Nazi] movement began to acquire extensive funds, it organised a number of expeditions to Tibet, which succeeded one another practically without interruption until In Tibet, acting on orders from Dr.

Sievers, Dr.

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No green-gloved Tibetan monk lived in Berlin to advise Hitler. Furthermore, far from a constant succession of German expeditions to Tibet from , only a single German expedition went to that country, that of This story may be a legend arising from the fact that in the Second World War Mongolian Kalmyks had fought on the side of the Germans, although at the end of the war there were almost no Kalmyks in Berlin.

Trevor Ravenscroft added to this repertoire of myths in his widely read work, also translated into several languages, The Spear of Destiny :. It was largely through the initiative of Professor Karl Haushofer and other members of the Vril Society in Berlin and Munich that exploratory teams were sent out to Tibet.

The succession of German expeditions to Tibet, which took place annually from to , sought to establish contact with Cave Communities and persuade them to enlist the aid of Luciferic and Ahrimanic Powers in the furtherance of the Nazi cause and in the projected mutation which would herald the new race of Superman.

Three years after the first contact had been made with the Adepts of Agarthi and Shamballah, a Tibetan community was established in Germany with branches in Berlin, Munich, and Nuremberg. But only the adepts of Agarthi, the servants of Lucifer, were willing to support the Nazi cause. The Initiates of Shamballah, who were concerned with the advent of materialism and the furtherance of the machine age, flatly refused to co-operate. Serving Ahriman, they had already made contact with the West and were working in affiliation with certain lodges in England and America!

During the final months of the war the lamas from Tibet were utterly neglected by the Nazis. They had failed in their mission to harness the powers of Lucifer to the Nazi cause. To show his personal disfavour Hitler ordered that they should live on the same reduced rations as the inmates of the Concentration Camps.

When the Russians reached their quarters in the suburbs of Berlin, they discovered their naked bodies lying in orderly rows, each with a ceremonial knife piercing the abdomen. This freely invented fantasy obviously incorporated dualist ideas taken from the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner. The key used in radio communication between Berlin and the Tibetan capital of Lhasa at this time was the book Dzyan, a secret book of magic of Tibetan sages.

The links to Tibetan Buddhism forged by Trebitsch, Haushofer, and Hess were represented by Karo Nichi, an emissary of the Tibetan Agartha in Berlin; he wore the brush-shaped moustache that indicated an adept. Of course, the expedition was neither led by the unknown Karo Nichi, supposed emissary of Tibetan Agartha in Berlin, nor did it have the aim of supplying the Dalai Lama with radio equipment to pass messages between Lhasa and Berlin and establish an axis of the occult, as claimed by Dietrich Bronder.

It is, however, correct that the expedition brought gramophones and a radio, which were presented to the Regent and the Kashag; however, these objects, which were part of the equipment of the expedition, were only converted into gifts during the course of the expedition.

The myth would be recycled and reconstituted in works in English, German, and French. Their leaders were magicians, who had formed alliances with the mystic Tibetan cities of Agarthi and Schamballah and had mastered the forces of the living universe. However, this document was nothing more than a parchment on which the Dalai Lama had signed a pact of friendship with Nazi Germany, where Hitler was known to him as head of the Aryans.

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Was it a declaration of principles, or merely a document of diplomatic value? Once again, however, reality is less mysterious. Of course, at this time the threeyear-old Dalai Lama had not arrived in Lhasa yet. A mystery has even been concocted about the fate of this copy of the Kanjur. Monks would spend entire lifetimes dutifully copying sacred scriptures and depositing them in secret locations. Hitler even is reputed to have brought a group of monks back to Germany, instructing them to perform special chants to alter weather patterns in preparation for his ill-fated Russian invasion.

Among statements published at that time we find things like this:. Himmler believed that the Tibetans were fellow Aryans. What is it that compels authors to write such things? Conspiracy myths arise in times of radical social upheaval and sustained agitation. However, the mysterious and secret nature of the alleged activities is one of the reasons for the attraction and power of conspiracy myths.

The characteristic features of conspiracy myths are a dualistic world view and occultism: nothing is accidental and appearances deceive. Conspiracists adopt the role of champions of a duped public.