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At this time, metric types and other metadata are only used in the client libraries and in the exposition format, but not persisted or utilized in the Prometheus server. We plan on making use of this metadata in the future. The first step is to aggregate this data in-memory in Prometheus and provide it via an experimental API endpoint.

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The OpenMetrics working group is developing a new standard for metric exposition. We plan to support this format in our client libraries and Prometheus itself. Backfilling will permit bulk loads of data in the past. To do this, you can use any wallet that supports the ERC20 standard.

Download Whitepaper. Modern civilization has changed the lifestyle of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. The values that seemed to be simple and obvious have now transformed into scientific, social, and economic progress.

There is a demand for technologies that would minimize the problems mentioned above. This is the product for which this project has been created.

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Total emission is Pr Unsold tokens after the ICO is completed will be destroyed. The economic model is such that the token holder will be able to use it to pay for the number of services related to the creation of the described technology. The project time frame is 25 years.

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Our team. Yakushkin George Scientific Research supervisor. Uglanov Dmitry Research and Development Advisor. Eremin Anatoly Project manager. Polyanskikh Catherine Head of communications.

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Duration of the stage. Soft cap.

Hard cap. Purchase amount, PR Development of the artificial bearing AB technology for small mammals. Development of the artificial bearing AB technology for humans.

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