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Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation 33 1/3

Instead of paring the songs down as the group usually did, the months-long writing process for Daydream Nation resulted in long jams, some of them lasting well over a half an hour. Several friends of the band, including Henry Rollins , had long praised the band's long live improvisations and told the group that its records never captured them.

With Moore on a writing spree, the album ultimately had to be expanded to a double album. The studio's engineer, Nick Sansano , was accustomed to working with hip hop artists. The group embraced the sound of the records.

Daydream Nation

Due to the amount of preparation the band put into composing its music, the recording process was largely efficient. As a result of the time pressure, Gordon was not happy with some of her resulting vocal takes. The band spent a whole night creating a final mix for the three-song "Trilogy" so it could be mastered the following morning. The title of "The Wonder" comes from crime fiction writer James Ellroy 's phrase about the ineffable mystery at the heart of Los Angeles; in Moore's words, "the wonder" is what "for better and worse, inspires [Ellroy] to keep going, to get out of bed every day.

It was thus titled because the band felt it sounded like a cross between Dinosaur Jr.

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It was given part "z" in the "Trilogy" both as a reference to ZZ Top and because it is the closing piece on the disc. Daydream Nation ' s title came from a lyric in the song "Hyperstation". Daydream Nation was released on October 18, , [21] in compact disc, cassette and double vinyl formats. Daydream Nation received overwhelmingly positive reviews from contemporary critics. Daydream Nation has received extensive critical acclaim and numerous accolades since its release in In , Pitchfork ranked Daydream Nation as No. A deluxe edition of Daydream Nation was released in , containing live versions of every track on the album, plus studio recordings of some cover songs.

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  6. A 4-LP vinyl version was released on July 17, The four-LP vinyl release of the deluxe edition has a slightly different track listing than the CD release. The first two LPs have the same track listing as the original double-LP release. However, the home demo of "Eric's Trip" is at the end of the fourth LP, rather than falling immediately after the original album. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see Daydream Nation film.

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    Sonic Youth. Retrieved October 2, Retrieved September 29, Archived from the original on January 13, Library of Congress. Topics: Music Industry , Technology , Venues.

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    Matthew Stearns Matthew Stearns is a regular contributor to Resonance magazine. Search for publications. Subscription Required. Collapse All Sections. Front matter.

    Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation. Matthew Stearns. Daydream Nation is the kind of gorgeous monstrosity born of extremes, rife with difficulties, and mythic in proportion that can crush the will of the most resilient, well-intentioned listener if the necessary preparations haven't been made. Matthew Stearns explores the album from a range of angles, including a track-by-track analysis and a look at the historical and cultural context within which the album was made.